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For Counsellors & Psychotherapists


Ethical Supervision, Networking & Collaboration

Sunday - Polbain and Fox Point (13).JPG
Sunday - Polbain and Fox Point (13).JPG


I offer online and face-to-face supervision

for practicing counsellors and psychotherapists

I offer a free initial up to 20 minute phone call/Teams session for us to discover if we will work well together then

£60 per 60 minute session, £90 per 90 minute session

Networking & Collaboration

Working as a counsellor can be isolating, if you have hit upon my page out of interest and would like to network with an engaged therapist for mutual professional friendship and support, let's do it!

There are times when we cannot take particular clients due to professional ethical boundaries. I enjoy collaborating with counsellors with similar professional interests to offer clients suitable options if I cannot personally offer a service. 

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