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Why Counselling? 

As we go through life we may learn to develop ways of managing situations which enable us to live well enough. However most of us will, at some point in our lives, find ourselves in situations when old coping strategies no longer work well and we can feel stuck, overwhelmed, or distressed. At these times it can be really useful to get support from a trained professional.

How is this different from talking to someone I know?

Friends, family or work colleagues can be a good form of support. However, sometimes you may feel you are burdening them or worry how they may react or about upsetting them. It may feel hard to share some sensitive personal information or they could be the reason you are feeling distressed. You may also need more specialist support. It may be for these reasons, or others, that talking to a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor can be really useful. 

Counselling can offer:

  • a safe and confidential space

  • a time and place just for you

  • a non-judgemental approach

  • specialist skills, knowledge and experience to address your specific needs

  • support to make changes

  • working within an ethical framework of how to work safely with you

What can Psychotherapeutic Counselling help with?


Therapy can help people with a range of difficulties. Sometimes these can be very specific clear challenges and for others, it may be less clear and is a general sense that things don't feel right or of not quite meeting your potential. 

Specialist support, helping you through difficulties.
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